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Want to start your kayaking season earlier and extend it later? Cold hands can cut any outdoor activity short and spoil the fun. Stohlquist has a solution that will keep you on the water long after your less sensible friends have called it quits for the season. Read all about how you can keep your hands toasty warm without sacrificing your grip on your paddle.
Read our full-length guide to this gem of a destination in Charles County Maryland where we cover a northerly trail full of eagles, osprey and playful otter!
We've just finished reviewing a tattered book that has led us to more than 27 destinations in the Chesapeake Bay area. Read why this is a must-have reference for any Maryland or Maryland-adjacent kayaker worth his or her salt.
Your camera equipment is just a fraction of the equation. No matter how good it is, shooting pictures from a kayak presents a whole new set of challengs. Learn how to use your kayak to its best advantage to get you some truly frame-worthy wildlife pictures you'd never get without it! All without having to wade through any annoying technobabble.
10 Completely Non-technical Tips to Photographing Wildlife from a Kayak
Book Review!
Sea Kayaking Maryland's Chesapeake Bay
- New!
Nanjemoy Creek
A Charles County Gem
The Werner Kalliste 2-Piece, Bent-Shaft Touring Paddle New!
We're still growing! - READ about us, your privacy and your safety
The Advantages of Shooting Picutres from a Kayak
Most people don't get why we bring our expensive photography equipment with us on our kayaks. Surely the risks outweight the rewards! Not to our way of thinking.

While it's your personal choice to take the chance yourself, we're going to spell out all the reasons why you should consider taking the chance and why a kayak makes such a superior platform (most of the time) from which to photograph wildlife.
Kayaking Maryland's Point Lookout State Park
Kayak your heart-out on 3 established water trails and one bonus trail we've described at one of Maryland's premier kayaking destinations. Enjoy a mix of both open water and flat marsh-kayaking, then relax on the beach.

Enjoy hiking, Civil War history, fishing, birding and then tell ghost stories about Point Lookout's haunted lighthouse around the campfire at night!
Life Jackets for Dogs
He's your best pal in the world and hates it when you spend all day on the lake without him in your sit-atop kayak. Of course you should bring him along!

Learn what you need to know to pick the perfect floatation devide for a safe and fun-filled day on the water with your favorite furry pal.
The Amazing Thule Lift-Assisting Hullavator
The worst part of kayaking is not being able to kayak. The second-worst part of kayaking is loading and unloading the kayak. Read all about a system that will take the pain out of loading a heavy kayak onto an SUV in our review of the amazing Thule 897XT Hullavator Kayak Roof Rack in our new Wish-List section and check back often for other dreams and great gift ideas for kayakers!
Wish-List and Gift Ideas for Kayakers
Where we dream of places to go and gifts we'd love to recieve. Please visit our new Wish-List page!
Washington DC Kayaking offers a unique perspective on this amazing city and there's no better time to do it than during the blooming of the cherry blossoms! Read about our plan to kayak DC in April
Washington DC
Kayaking News and Video
As our site grows we'll be hosting numerous videos of an instructional nature, not to mention trip vids and fun items, but a news story this morning inspired us to put up a new page capturing funny, interesting and inspirational videos that catch our eye from around the world. Check it out! Newest up is a touching video about a guy saving a pregnant possum. Kayakers are just the best people!
Stohlquist Maw Glove Pogies for toasty hands
The Werner Kalliste paddle is the Ferrari engine that powers your kayak. We've put over a thousand miles into convincing ourselves it's the best touring paddle you'll likely ever own.
The Patuxent River! - 4/27/13
While the river isn't new, the latest of our monster kayaking route guides for the upper Patuxent river certainly are. We've lost sleep over these, folks, and have spent the past two weekends kayaking the upper sections of the Patuxent to bring you the most current information we can. Our longest route guide, from Jackson's Landing at the Patuxent River Park to the Queen Anne Canoe Launch is up and ready for your reading pleasure- complete with maps. The Iron Pot Landing route and the Merkle Wildlife Refuge route are going through final edits and will be up soon. In addition, two new trip reports will be going up shortly for both of the latter routes, giving you up-to-the-minute information on current spring-time conditions and suggested camping locations for overnight trips. Enjoy!
Kayaking the Upper Patuxent River - New!
Our first feature-length route guide for the upper Patuxent river, a 20+ mile epic, is up and ready for your reading pleasure. Plan a kayaking trip you'll never forget. Though customizable, this one is meant for strong paddlers.